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Heat Detection

  • Estrus Alert Patch

    Estrus Alert Patch

    Estrus Alert Patch's are sold by the sheet or you can buy them by the box which includes 50 sheets. Ensure the most profitable cattle herd and simplify breeding cattle using the Estrotect Breeding Indicator, which features patent...

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  • Kmar Heat Tapes

    Kmar Heat Tapes

    Kamar Heatmount Detectors are a valuable heat detection aid that assist in identifying cows ready for artificial breeding. Standing heat behavior in the bovine is the most reliable sign that a cow is ready to be bred. The detectors are a pressure...

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  • Chin Markers - Leather

    Chin Markers - Leather

    Recognized worldwide as an effective heat detection aid assuring high conception. Made of harness leather, Kow-Ball is fully adjustable and attaches securely and comfortably to a teaser (Gomer) bull.

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  • Chin Ball Marker Fluid

    Chin Ball Marker Fluid

    Specially formulated Marking Fluid is non-toxic, and can be used in temperatures from 10ºF to the hottest conditions. Mineral oil base helps protect & preserve the marker's mechanism.

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  • Twist Stick

    Twist Stick

    An economical way to temporarily identify livestock for sorting, inoculations, breeding and healthcare procedures, the LA-CO All-Weather Twist-Stik Livestock Marker contains weather and fade-resistant non-toxic paint. Features a convenient twist-up...

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