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Cattle Semen



  • VAR Revelation 6299

    VAR Revelation 6299

    V A R REVELATION 6299 Reg#: 18432146   DOB: 03-10-2016   Tattoo: 6299 MCC DaybreakAAA Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36AAA QHF Blackcap 6E2 of4V16 4355AAA Connealy OnwardAAASandpoint Blackbird 8809AAA Riverbend Blackbird 4301AAA  ...

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  • Here I Am

    Here I Am

    DOB: 3/2014 BW: 85 Sire: Walks Alone Dam: 805 (What Wave) TH: Carrier PHA: Free   He is flat shouldered, good hearted, smooth built, flawless structured, great haired topped off with a great disposition. There have been very few bulls that...

  • Y Black

    Y Black

    Name Code Price Color Sire Birthwt Muscling 365 d wt 365 d ht Muscle $ Yblack 1619 15 $ black Daffyd d’Ochain 100 90 103 119 90   All prices are per vial and FOB storage place at...

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  • LSF SRR Exceptional 5464C

    LSF SRR Exceptional 5464C

    No Sexed Semen Available    551AR01511 EXCEPTIONAL Reg: 1751111 DOB: 4/9/2015   LSF SRR Exceptional 5464C    ...

  • Alis Solution

    Alis Solution

    Ali's Solution Reg#367201 ACA, 426328 AMAA 2.44% Chi, 53.70% Maine, 16.798% Angus, 0.198% Hereford, 26.855% Other DOB: 1/10/11 BW: 68 Sire: Total Solution Dam: Ali TH: Free PHA: Carrier Scurred   Two great sires in one package.  Great for...

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  • Mr Kallion 1352

    Mr Kallion 1352

    Sexed Semen Available  $80.00/Straw    551BR01906 KALLION Reg: 925514 DOB: 3/20/2012   Mr Kallion 1352    ...

  • Sitz Response 405C

    Sitz Response 405C

    Sexed Semen Available  $45.00/straw 203AN01457 RESPONSE Reg: AAA 18219638 DOB: 2/7/2015   Sitz Response 405C    ...



    SULL KNIGHTED MAN 6231D  Reg#: x4248442    DOB: 02-07-2016   Tattoo: 6231D   BW: 87   CF TRUMP X - DSF - PHAF - THFSULL RIGHT DIRECTION ET - DSF - PHAF - THFNPS DESERT ROSE 004 - PHAF - THFSULL GNCC SALUTE 532R ET...

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  • Dakota Gold Dakota Gold

    Dakota Gold

    WOW! A double-clean powerhouse whose first calf crop generated a ton of high sellers. You'll be hearing a lot more about these progeny in the future. Awesome genetic package coupled with a modern-day look.   DOB: 3/28/2012 BW: 80 Sire: Monopoly Dam:...

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  • JBS Big Casino 336 Y

    JBS Big Casino 336 Y

      JBS BIG CASINO 336Y ASA 2602861 Born 03/11/2011 Owned by: Benda Simmentals, SD; ABS Global, Inc., WI A Good Bet for Added Performance  Blaze faced bull who is loaded with length, muscle and power  A true...

  • In God We Trust

    In God We Trust

    In God We Trust BW:80 THC/PHAF SIRE: Business Done Right DAM: 419 Heatwave The hair that covers his stout frame is second to none. His dam is a sister to the Grand steer in Fort Worth 2012. "A golden opportunity to get in on a bull that is as...

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  • New Design 878

    New Design 878

    No holes EPD profile and the highest accuracy multi-trait proof in the industry.   Click Here For More Information!